--- 16 May 2010 ---
The announcement cards are ready and will be posted very soon! It is our own production, that's why it took a bit of time. Sorry for the delay, but it won't be long now.

--- 6 May 2010 ---
She is 4.7kg. Indeed growing fast and we already had to stock her new born clothes!

--- 5 May 2010 ---
Today we went to the Registration office. Loah Yvonne Eman is her offical name now. Named after Ivo's mother. It was a nice moment. Now there is more admin to come - first of all getting her a passport so that we can travel abroad. She will get both a french and dutch passport.

--- 29 March 2010 ---
The day has arrived. At 1.40 am on Monday 29 March our little girl entered her new world. She is doing very well and so is the mum. She is 3.4kg.

--- 27 March 2010 ---
We are still waiting. No real signs yet. 10 days overdue now. Appointment for hospital on Sunday night. Hope it starts before then...

--- 15 March 2010 ---
She is a little late...
We have been working on the announcement card too. Very nice!

--- January 2010 ---
We have decided on the name for the little girl. And everybody is curious... but we keep it secret until the big day.

--- November 2009 ---
We are very happy to announce that we are expecting a little girl...